Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birthday Girl :) 20Years Young.x

Afternoon! I'v'e been missing in action for a while, but now I have my lappy & camera back where they belong, I can get back to blogging as usual! Thought I'd do a quick post as its my 20th birthday today :D Yesterday I had a wicked day spent in Brighton with my friends and loved ones, it was so much fun, from the demented seagulls, slightly drunken antics on the beach, windswept hair & hilarious photos, horrific rides on the pier (involving me screaming the entire way through them), good food & company, near misses with the trains and a whole bunch of laughter from begining to end. Defo worth the stress of organising, and the best birthday fun i've had a while even if I flopped into bed at 1.30am this morning fully clothed :/

Today, despite not having the lie in I desired (due to my phone ringing at 7am with my sister bellowing happy birthday) I intend to have a relaxed afternoon then head out for dinner with the family this evening. Roll on my 21st ay ;)