Sunday, 17 July 2011

17/07/11 Issue Of S Magazine..&& I Have My Credits!

What a miserable afternoon! It has been raining non stop today in Birmingham, and pretty much everywhere else. I was sitting on my sofa snuggled up in my pj's thinking how can we be in the second week of July and have this kind of weather. Then I remembered the importance of today. Whilst on work experience in London at Sunday Express, the swimwear photo shoot I assisted with was meant to be in today's issue of S Magazine. I text Lindsay, one of the girls in the office to double check, and she said I should definitely go and purchase one because my name was credited, alongside all the credits I did for the outfits :)

So here are a few pics of the featured shoot, admittedly, I'm happy my name was mentioned because I worked super hard that day, running around on demand, working on creative ideas with the editor Paula, and making sure the model Josipa Kusic looked perfect in each of her garments and final outfits. Well worth it though. Have a look and feel free to comment! x

Pretty In Pink :)
1st: Double Page Spread (I LOVED those Dune shoes!)
2nd: £200 Silk Shirt *lovestruck*
3rd: My Page :)
Stylist Assistant - Sherelle Lancaster!


  1. Oh, wow! So fantastic that your work didn't go unnoticed, well done!

    x Michelle |

  2. I know, was very happy indeed! Enjoyable experience to say the least. Thank u :)